Our Staff

Corinne Curvin, LCSW-R
I have 24 years’ experience as a licensed clinical social worker. My focus is utilizing strength based, trauma informed, solution focused, and culturally sensitive, cognitive/behavioral approaches to therapy.

Erina Seaman-Graham, LCSW-R
I have 20 plus years as a licensed clinical social worker. I consider myself to be a generalist clinician with a behavioral, solution focused approach to healing. My trainings include cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness stress reduction techniques, as well as trauma resolution techniques such as progressive counting and EMDR.

Andrew James Mattle, LMHC
I am a licensed Mental Health Counselor with 30 years experience. I have worked with clients who are hoping to enhance their life experiences and improve their quality of life. Life can be a difficult and challenging road and sometimes we need some help navigating through our journey. I utilize a strength based approach and help people identify their capabilities using their inner strengths to reach their goals. My specialties include; Grief and loss, depression and anxiety, LGBTQ+, family conflict, adoption and infertility.

Kathy Crissey LMHC

Andrew J. Mattle , Executive Director
Shelly Horan Business Administrator
Deanna Kurmo Client Services Representative
Kelly Gawel Billing Services

Mary Grover, LCSW-R
My foundational expertise is in trauma work with families using various evidence-based models for the past 4 decades. I was part time with CMH Counseling for 18 years, then full time for the past 6 years. Trauma work continues to be the hallmark of my practice as most people are impacted in some way by negative false beliefs established in childhood and subsequent developmental stages. I use internal family systems (IFS) as a framework to understanding how all of us get in our own way sometimes. In addition, I use an EMDR therapy lens to assess and treat the origin of symptoms of depression and anxiety. Mindfulness practices are integrated into most sessions.

“The only place we can truly live is to be in the present where we can access our whole, creative, loving self.”

Robert Heicklen, LCSW-R
I am a licensed clinical social worker in practice for over forty years. I worked in a hospital setting for most of my career both as a clinician and as an administrator. I have an eclectic approach to therapy and believe that our life experiences play an important part of who we are. In addition to individual therapy, I also enjoy working effectively with couples.

Michael Del Monte, LCSW-R
I am a licensed clinical social worker. I work with individuals, couples and families, LGBTQIA and non-conforming gender affirming. I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy that includes trauma informed, cognitive behavioral therapy, solution focused, mindfulness, grief and bereavement.

John Hider LCSW-R

Board of Directors


Aaron Kaiser Pomerantz
Angela Palmer
Stephen Czarnecki
Holly Hahn-Baker