All of us at CMH Counseling mourn the loss of those who were killed on May 14th here in Buffalo.
We hold those who are suffering in our thoughts and prayers. WE STAND BUFFALO STRONG!

Depressed and
Don’t Know Why?

Life can be complicated. Talking to a professional therapist can help determine if there might be alternatives to medications to help your depression.

Lost your Job
or Can’t Work?

Losing a job or a responsible position can feel like a devastating situation but there are ways to help ease the stress. Counseling can help.

I can’t afford therapy

We accept most insurance and will work with you to find the best financial arrangements to ensure you receive the best care we can offer.

It’s a Global Pandemic!

Everyone is experiencing the Covid 19 pandemic in different ways. It can be very stressful and it’s important to discuss how it affects you and how you can better cope with the situation in your own, personal way.

Welcome to CMH Counseling

Founded in 1922, CMH Counseling is a private, not-for-profit organization providing counseling services to individuals, couples and families.
All people experience difficult and stressful times in their lives. Counseling (therapy) can help an individual to learn ways of coping and to formulate and pursue achievable goals.

Counseling (therapy) can help an individual learn ways of coping and to create and pursue achievable goals.
The client(s) and therapist work together to help the client(s) develop skills to manage issues and to process past conflicts.

Our Mission

CMH Counseling promotes emotional well-being through professional counseling and treatment of individuals, couples and families in an environment distinguished by compassion and hope.

We offer short and long term counseling for a variety of issues, including the following:




Coping with loss


Parent-child relationship


Transgender Counseling and Hormone Evaluation


Survivors of sexual abuse


Life transition adjustment


Depression and Anxiety


Improving Communication Skills


Personal growth


Personal Trauma

Our Dedicated Staff


“You brought me from gloom and despair, to hope that things will return to normal.”

“ Other counseling agencies have felt so sterile – CMH Counseling sets a standard that is unmatched in Western New York.”

“ Everyone here has been so welcoming.”

I had no idea this place would be so comfortable.”

“I wish this waiting room were my living room.”

“ All my anxiety about starting counseling vanished when I met the staff.”

We are located at:
153 West Utica Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

Centrally located and easily accessible to parking, bus lines, and metro rail.

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